©2019 Eva Kloiber

This is a list for my personal record more than anything else. If I wanted to spray about my exploits I'd go to Peakbagger or Mountain Project. 

2019-08-24 Golden Horn with Amelia & Adam

2019-08-03 McClellan Butte Mt Kent Solo

2019-07-28 Sloan via Corkscrew Route with Nastassia & Westy

2019-07-13 Tahoma (aka Mt Rainier) via Kautz Glacier with Nastassia & Westy

2019-07-06 (attempt) Bear's Breast via East Slabs with Amelia, Adam, and Matt

2019-06-22 (attempt) Klickitat (aka Mt Adams) via South Chute with SQC group

2019-06-17 Little Tahoma via Fryingpan Glacier with Nastassia & Wade

2019-06-15 Eldorado Peak & Eggplant via Inspiration Glacier Solo

2019-06-02 The Tooth via South Face with Maggie

2019-05-26 Sunh-a-do (aka Mt Olympus) via Blue Glacier with Amelia & Adam

2019-05-18 Mt Shuksan via Sulphide Glacier with Nastassia

2019-05-04 Wy'East (aka Mt Hood) via Leuthold Couloir with Emily

2019-04-07 Granite & Tust O' Granite with Nastassia

2019-03-09 (attempt) Wy'East (aka Mt Hood) via Pearly Gates with Wade

2019-03-03 Snoqualmie Mountain with Stavroula

2019-02-24 Mt Washington with Marielle

2019-01-27 Mt Pilchuck with Amelia & Adam

2019-01-20 Baring Mountain with Adam

2019-01-06 Dirty Harrys Peak with Marielle

~the summer of cragging and the fall of recovery~

2018-06-23 Tahoma (aka Mt Rainier) via Emmons Glacier with Aer

2018-05-27 South Early Winters Spire via SW Rib with Brock

2018-03-11 Red Mountain (Alpine Lakes) with Amelia & Adam

2018-01-05 (attempt) Rock Mountain with Maggie

2017-12-16 (attempt) Eldorado Peak via Inspiration Glacier with Aer

2017-10-29 Mt Hinman with Amelia, Adam, Jared, and Val

2017-09-09 The Brothers Solo

2017-09-03 Silver Lakes Peak Traverse with Andi

2017-08-26 Little Annapurna via North Slope with Andi

2017-07-30 Dakobed (aka Glacier Peak) via Disappointment Cleaver with Amelia and Adam

2017-07-17 Loowit (aka Mt St Helens) via Monitor Ridge with Maggie, Adrienne, and Chad

2017-07-16 Klickitat (aka Mt Adams) via South Chute Solo

2017-06-25 Vesper Peak with Adrienne

2017-06-17 (attempt) Mt Stone via South Couloir with Andi

2017-06-03 Silver Star Peak via Burgundy Col with Amelia, Adam, and friends

2016-11-06 Mt McCausland Solo

2016-09-12 Shriner Peak with Calvin

2016-07-08 Mt Townsend with Meredith

2016-06-26 (attempt) Del Campo Peak with Adrienne

2016-05-28 (attempt) Stillaguamish Peak with Maggie

2016-05-15 Mt Ellinor Solo