About This Site


I started writing trip reports after feeling some guilt about never giving back to the climbing community. I was posting them on a Facebook group (RIP Cascade Climbers) but have some ethical qualms about that platform and wanted to move them somewhere else.

This site is meant to be a collection of adventures in the mountains and my thoughts about tangentially-related topics. Maybe someday it'll be as useful as Steph Abegg's... with slightly more modern design.

Why Low Fifth?

"Low Fifth" refers to relatively easy but consequential climbing in the Yosemite Decimal System. While I love trying hard and pushing my limits in the mountains, I find the most enjoyment and fulfillment moving quickly over technical terrain. 

About Me

Heya! I'm Eva and welcome to my internet website. I love going up big rock and snow piles. While I live in Seattle, my true home is at high camp on a glacier out in the North Cascades or on one of Washington's volcanos. 

I sew things for fun and electrical engineer things for a paycheck. I can occasionally be convinced to do type-1 fun things like biking, surfing, and beach camping.

I'm also the founder of alpine bouldering, a sport devoted to combining the absurdities of alpinism, bouldering, and social media. Please take it very seriously, I know I do.



The best way to reach me is via email. But you can also slide into my DMs on Instagram.